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The importance of providing a rounded education to students. This dynamic, holistic approach is interwoven throughout everything we do at RHPS.

Skills Development

Taught to differentiate between a career, a vocation and life skills, students are encouraged to choose paths that will be meaningful and satisfying.

Community and Care

Through various green initiatives, this sphere aims to nurture children as socially responsible citizens of tomorrow. Students are encouraged to undertake various activities and projects -- both within the school and the community at large

Personality Development

This facilitates unique learning opportunities focused on cultivating various aspects of character development, including communication and social skills, confidence and teamwork.

Sports Excellence

RHPS is committed to shaping and honing student athletes, as well as providing them with a platform for displaying their growth and abilities. Progress is measured both qualitatively and quantitatively to help students focus on

Academic Excellence

RHPS acclaimed academic excellence measurement framework integrates best practices in pedagogy designed to optimize learning outcomes for every single child. Collaborative, project-based learning and cross-campus exchange facilitate knowledge sharing outside the classroom through a variety