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RHPS takes a hands-on approach to learning, giving our students a variety of activities to participate in, that embrace the learning goals of the school as a whole. From the academic quiz competition to the creative stage workshops, our activities and events across campus help keep students engaged and excited about education, while providing teachers and administration with the resources to use for evaluating student performance.

Examples of Competitions and activities in RHPS include :

Cricket: This school has provided the interested students with the proper training in this sport , for them the school has also provided them an opportunity to participate in the competitions held at interschool and interstate) level.

Quizzes: The school has divided the students into four houses and they compete which each other on these academic quizzes. This helps the students of RHPS to have a fun way of learning and gaining interest in their subjects.

Kabaddi: This is another sport in which the school has competed on the national level and the students are well trained, this provides the student to enhance their sportsmanship and leadership.

Science Exhibition: The school organizes the science exhibition in which the student can show their projects on individual or house level, these competitions helps the students to innovate new things and to learn in a fun way. They gain the importance of teamwork

These activities provide students with the chance to compete with one another, building excitement and engagement to ensure optimal learning at every stage.