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About Us

Supportive Interaction Between Teachers and Children

We at RHPS believe that students spend much of their time with their teachers in school, teacher support can be vital to students’ academic development, including not only learning outcomes but also affective or emotional outcomes.

Safe, Supportive and Engaging Learning Environment

Creating a safe, supportive and understanding learning environment is particularly important when discussion activities deal with sensitive issues in relation to mental health and wellbeing. Collaborating with students to develop a group agreement that sets the parameters for class discussions, value all student contributions and make this known and use a range of questioning techniques which open-up discussion rather than trying to get to a quick right answer are all the strategies that RHPS believes in performing for effective learning.

Meaningful Learning for The Individual Child

RHPS provides meaningful learning which involves understanding of how all the pieces of an entire concept fit together. The knowledge gained through meaningful learning applies to new learning situations. With this learning stays individual students knowledge remains active, constructive, and long-lasting, and also allows students to be fully engaged in the learning process.

A Culture Of Authentic Assessment and Continuous Learning

Authentic assessment and continuous leaning is a method for measuring student learning by providing developmentally appropriate, student-centered, active learning strategies that help students develop lifelong learning competencies such as effective decision making, communication, and cooperation.

Activity based curriculum

Children are learners rather than passive recipients of information. To begin with, activity-based learning simply implies that the child plays an active role in their own learning where he/she learns by doing. The ultimate goal of education is to boost the development of the child’s brain; it is to assist holistic learning by helping the child to understand concepts and theories; it is to broaden the child’s understanding of things so that they can implement it for the development of the environment that they live in.